I noticed another £58.03 leave my business bank account today and wing its way to Mailchimp. Not a huge amount of money if you look at how well Mailchimp and email newsletters work for me. For example, I have lists of around 300 people. Each time I send an email newsletter I will get 1-3 new clients.

Our clients here at Creative Content Company are often long-term clients. Over 70% of our business is repeat clients that stay with us for the same service month after month. So a new client from an email newsletter that stays for one month on a £30 service is over half the cost of Mailchimp for that month – surely a win-win for us?

However, what if you are paying £58.03 for Mailchimp and haven’t sent an email newsletter for over 3 months. That is the situation we are currently in and it got us thinking. What are you paying for and not using?

The New Year is a great time for a new start. It’s a brilliant time to have a look at the business. Think about what are you paying for and not using.

I have always known that the email newsletters we do for Creative Content Company are few and far between. Yet, when we do clients newsletters we do them every month they need them and on time, every time. But that’s because they pay us to do it, we don’t pay ourselves to do our email newsletters.

Yet, are we not throwing away money by paying for Mailchimp and not using it?

Seeing this amount go out of the bank account for another month gave me the kick up the bum I needed to do something. We state when people join the mailing list that will receive between 12 and 15 mail newsletters a year. We promise they will never receive more than that. We certainly stick by that promise; if anything they are currently getting no more than 3 a year.

So, that’s set. During the Christmas holidays we are putting plans in place to ensure that we use an incredibly effective marketing tool, which we are paying over £600 a year for, to the best of its ability.

But you’re not off the hook either; what are you paying for and not using? Can we help you put it to use, or is it worth cancelling the payments altogether?