Would you Adam ‘n’ Eve it, Creative Content Company are two years old today, not one – but two! We are super excited to have reached this milestone and to still be going strong. Some experts say that the first year in business is the hardest and other experts say the first three years in business are the hardest, but we’ve been loving it!

The business has grown a lot over the last two years, starting in my bedroom in Hampton Hargate on a 6 year old laptop, moving to Blenheim Court for a short while and now we have been in Lynchwood for over a year, with a computer that’s just a few months old.

I was talking to some people at a networking event recently and they were saying that they know people that don’t enjoy their jobs. I said that I can’t image dong a job I don’t enjoy and the lady responded saying that everyone has good and bad days. I have been thinking about this ever since and I genuinely can’t think of when I have had a bad day.

I love what I do here at Creative Content Company; I love the guys I work with, I love my clients, I love helping new businesses achieve more on line, I love social media, I love blogging, I love creating newsletters, I love offering free advice and I basically just love everything I do.

Hitting my two years in business is a huge achievement but it’s not all down to me, it’s down to constant support from close friends and family, colleagues and business contacts. Of course, like every business, we have had our ups and downs but we’ve not had a bad day.

However, on this downs I have had amazing support from some truly inspiring people such as Karen Williams of

KJHR Consulting, Ann Hovell of FM, Katie Hart of Rhetonic and networking groups such as A14 Coffee Morning run by Alan Bennet and Link4Growth run by Nikki Pepper.

And, as much as it pains me to say it – I love sharing an office with Ian and Alex of Geek Designs, they are my first port of call when things are going south. If I have concerns, worries, ideas or queries in business they are the people I turn to and without their support and input I think I would have had many a breakdown.

Thanks to everyone that has helped me achieve two years for Creative Content Company, here’s to many more!