So you’ve spent lots of money getting the perfect website made for your business but you are getting minimal traffic to your site? This is the same as spending a small fortune on brochures and catalogues for your business and then leaving them in the garage to get dusty. If you have a great website you want the world to see it… well, at least your potential customers?

To get your website in front of your potential customers you need to get it indexed by Google and for Google to index your website you need to have at least 300 words per page on your website. Sadly this does not mean writing the same few sentences over and over again but instead have relevant, unique and engaging content on every page of your website.

It can be hard to write 300 words about your business and a product or service you provide, but when it comes to improving your position on search engines like Google and being seen by your potential clients, 300 words is exactly what you need.

You will often find that you are so ‘in’ your business that it is hard to write for your everyday customer without speaking to them like they are as experienced and knowledgeable as you or speaking to them like they are dummies.

At times like this it may be best to bring in the skills of a professional content writer or blogger. They will speak to you and gain an understanding of you and your business then they will write the required 300 words for each page of your website.

Before you know it the position of your website will have improved and the traffic to your website will increase dramatically, shortly before your sales go up too.

Why not speak to our content writing team about re-writing your website?