Need some top tips for local SEO? Local SEO is a great idea for local businesses that work locally. For example, local electricians, hairdressers or plumbers for example. Instead of travelling all over the are for jobs and to visit clients, they can have the work in the work in the local area.

This means hairdressers will be on Google for local clients wanting their haircut near where they live. It means electricians and plumbers can complete more jobs in one day as they spend less time travelling. Or they can work the less hours and earn the same amount of money, as the jobs are local.

A great way of getting local work is with local SEO. In this blog post we share some top tips for local SEO so you can be found on Google in your local area.

  • Set up a Google My Business listing. This is a free services for local businesses, offered by Google.
  • Ask customers to leave reviews of your business in Google, through your Google My Business page.
  • Optimise your website for voice search. Think about the exact questions that your audience will be asking into Google and use those exact words in your blog titles or web copy.
  • Look for local business listings and include your business in them.
  • Create location based landing pages throughout your website. This could include plumber in Hampton, plumber in Orton, plumber in Stanground and so on. Think about the local area where you want work as use these as landing page titles on your website.
  • Include your local telephone number and address across your website, social media and online marketing. This will show Google and your target audience that you are a local business.
  • Make sure your website and web content is mobile friendly. A lot of local searches are completed on mobile phones, so make sure your website is easy read and navigate on a mobile device.
  • Write localised content. This could include local events you have attended, local places to visit, activities in the local area and so on. Again, this is showing you are a locally based business.

We hope you like our top tips for local SEO and you find them useful for promoting your business.

If you need help creating local SEO content for your business, call our team of copywriters in Peterborough. They can suggest local SEO recommendations for your website and offer blog post and landing page titles and topics. Call us now to find out more.