Your audience aren’t following you on social media to see posts that are just about your products. Just like we all fast forward through adverts on TV, where possible. People will do the same with your sales posts on social media. This is why you need to think about mixing up your social media content when you are posting online.

Hubspot completed some research that found 45% people will unfollow brands if they feel the brand shares too many promotional or salesy posts. This is another reason why you need to consider mixing up your social media content. It will help you retain your social media fan and attract a new target audience.

The fact people have taken the time to like your page means that they already like what they do. They don’t need to have your services and products shoved down their throats in every post. Instead, use your social media post to engage with your audience and further build your relationship. This will lead to more sales than continuously promoting your business offers to them.

One way to avoid your posts on social media becoming sales, sales, sales and sell, sell, sell is to mix it up. There are lots of different message types and topics that you can use for your social media posts. This will help you engage with your audience, build better relationships with them and keep them liking your page too.

For example, you could share company culture posts. This could include photos of a team outing, a photo of the office, a company pet or similar. If there is relevant or local community news that will interest your audience, you could share this on social media. Further to that, you could create a blog post. This would talk about your take on the news and share this on social media.

You could also share links to your blog posts and branded content too. This shared along with testimonials from happy clients will really help keep your social media presence active and varied. This is especially the case if you use photos of your business and you out and about too.

Want help mixing up your social media content? Give our social media managers in Peterborough a call. We can manage your social media accounts on your behalf to help your business achieve more online.