A common misconception in SEO Strategies is that if you do enough work (throw enough mud) then some of it will work (some of the mud will stick) but this is not the case. It is not recommended that you do a little bit of everything instead focus on a few areas and do a lot of work in these areas. This will then be a controlled SEO Strategy and will be likely to work as you are not spreading yourself too thinly.

Looking at what the experts are doing and saying. I have come together with some SEO Tips in these three main areas for your SEO strategy.

Onsite Optimisation is really important Have a look at your site and ensure it is healthy and well optimised. Make sure you are using the right keywords, optimise the meta-data and check the content on your site is as good as it possibly can be. Make sure you have a blog hosted on your domain and consider using a blog writer to keep it updated with good quality content that engages with your readers.

Social Signals are important too, you need to have some form of social signals as this is reported to help with your rankings (although this is hotly debated). However it is not just about having a social presence you need to engage and communicate with your fans and followers to build up these social signals for Google to see. The way I look at it is that Google say it makes no affect but it’s great for building relationships with potential customers and if Google decide to come clean and say it does affect rankings then you’re already doing it. Some people chose to employ the services of a Social Media Manager to help with engagement.

Backlinks​ are a great addition to your SEO Strategy too; this can be done by using an SEO Company who will do it for you, through Guest Posting or through blog commenting and similar link building techniques that will create a strong link profile for your website. SEO Experts feel that no website gains rankings without gaining back links!

When it comes to your SEO Campaign you need to organise and streamline to dominate the search engines for the keywords you want to be found for.

Do You Throw Enough Mud And Some Of It Will Stick?