This is part two of our blog posts that we create every month full of ideas of things that you can share on your business social media profiles. These are just ideas and ways in which you can use them, of course you can use our ideas or come up with your own.

All we ask is that when you use them on your social media business pages, you include the national day or week as a hashtag as this will really help you engage with a wider audience because other people will be posting about these days and weeks too. It will help with engagement and interaction for your business on social media.

Ready for part two? Let’s Go!

11th November is Red Lipstick Day – grab the red lippy and take a selfie, before encouraging your audience to do the same. This is a fun engagement exercise for social media and will show you as real and fun people within your business.

12th – 18th November is National Kindness Week so do something kind and brag about it. By sharing all the kind stuff you have been up to you are showing your business as a company that cares, but you are also encouraging others to do acts of kindness too, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

13th November is World Kindness Day, do something kind, or more than one kind thing. What does ‘kindness’ mean to you and do this to someone you know, or even to a stranger. Spread that kindness around the world by sharing it on social media.

14th November is International Selfie Day – I’m sure I don’t need to say anymore! Take seflies, share seflies and ask people to guess where your selfie is being taken. Have some fun with International Selfie Day!

16th November is Teddy Bear Day – take your teddy to work with you and take photos of it around your business, strapped in your car, at your desk and out and about, wherever you are. Have some fun with Teddy Bear Day and your audience will have fun with you.

17th November is Guiness World Record Day; have a look online and see if there is a world record that you can break. Ideally one that is relevant to your business so you can ask your audience to get involved too.

23rd November is Black Friday; today is a great day to share an amazing deal or special offer!

25th November is International Hat Day which you can use in two ways; you can talk about the different hats you where in your job, or go silly and dress up in different hats for the day. Which will you decide?

If you need help managing your social media then give us a call; we would be happy to help!