recently put together some research that looked at the top online marketing trends of 2020. We found this research really interesting. This is research that could really help you in your business. It also helps you understand the online marketing trends that your competition is probably using too.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been an online marketing trend for some years now. However, ViramLbs found that companies posting blog posts without fail generate 67% more leads than those businesses that don’t blog at all. Maybe this is a trend that you need to get involved in too?

Video Marketing

As you may have seen from our website and social media posts, this is a trend we have got involved in too. Check out our YouTube channel for some examples of what you can create videos about. Research shows that 74% of all traffic in 2020 will have been generated by video. Why not create blog posts to support your videos, or vice versa? It’s one way that we create our videos. We then link back from the blogs to videos and videos to the blogs.

Internet Adverts

Our friends at Brilliant Digital are doing amazing things with internet adverts. They are advertising on Google and Facebook presently. Their clients are seeing some incredible results too. Research by ViramLabs shows that internet ads are expected to grow by 10% in 2020. Mobile ads are also expected to grow by 45% by the end of this year too.


If you have seen us present, read our blogs or watched our videos then you’ll know we are big on the thought process that people buy people. It seems we are not alone either. The online marketing trend of story telling has really taken off. In fact, storytelling has seen a rise of 45% so far in 2020. It has had over 142,000 mentions too!

If you need help with managing these online marketing trends for your business, give us a call. Online marketing is what we do best. We would be only too happy to help you business achieve more online!