Here at Creative Content Company we offer Social Media Marketing as a service. We post on the social media platforms for a client every day, or every week day. On top of this, we also offer social media marketing as a one-to-one training service, or to a team or group. 

As a business we will only recommend services that we know work for us and other businesses. Social media marketing works for us and this is why we offer it as a service to other business owners. However, as with everything in life and business, there are pros and cons.

In  this blog post we would like to share the pros and cons of social media marketing with you. This enables you to fully understand this marketing tool, and the service that we offer.

The Pros of Social Media Marketing

* Social media marketing costs less than some other marketing channels, especially when compared with marketing channels such as television or radio advertisements.

* You’ll find social media marketing will encourage engagement. In ways that newspaper adverts (for example) will not.

* Social media marketing enables you to create and foster strong bonds with your target audience as they are engaging with you and learning more about your business.

*You’ll find social media marketing gives you an easier customer service experience. You can deal with complaints quickly and you are easily contactable by your customers.

The Cons of Social Media Marketing

* In some cases social media marketing can become addictive and therefore takes up too much time, especially for busy business owners.

* Some business owners are concerned about the negativity and negative users on social media that may be unkind to their business or brand.

* There have been examples in  the past of where social media marketing can have disastrous affects on a business. This can be the case if it is done wrong.

* It can be hard to review the ROI (Return On Investment) for social media marketing as it is part of so many different areas of your marketing.

If you’d like to know more about the pros of social media marketing and how you can overcome the cons of social media marketing then please contact us directly.

We would love to help you to gain a better understanding of social media marketing for your business and help you achieve more for your business online.