Here at Creative Content Company we offer LinkedIn Management as a service. However, if you are local business in Peterborough, you will know there has been some talk about, for and against this recently. To clarify, not the LinkedIn management we offer, but LinkedIn management as a whole.

Recently, a business coach admitted that he was using a LinkedIn management service. This service provider sent messages from his account to people as a way to grow his connections and following. He was called out on one of these ‘personalised’ messages in a very public way and this may have caused some damage to his personal brand.

This took place a few months ago now, but it was mentioned as recently as a meeting with a potential client last week. They approached us to help with their blogging and website content. The potential client then asked how else we could help and we said social media management and spoke about the LinkedIn management we offer. This is when the story was mentioned, so this is when this blog post was created.

The LinkedIn management we offer is purely posting on a clients account on their behalf. We will very, very rarely send personal messages and invites on a client’s behalf, from their account. We have done this once for a client and this involved many meetings about who to connect with, how and why.

As a whole the service we offer is social media posting. We will post continuously on a clients social media account on their behalf. This will include sharing testimonials and positive reviews. We will share links to blog posts, latest news and interesting statistics. There may also be posts about national days and local events too.

The reason that businesses come to us for the LinkedIn management service that we offer is so they can get on with what they are good at (running their business) while we keep their social media accounts active, updated, fresh and engaging for them.

Running your own business is very time-consuming and you have a lot of plates to keep spinning. Let us manage your LinkedIn presence for you.