Blogging for business is a great idea for many reasons. There is a huge link between blogging and SEO. That is what we look at in this blog post. It is important to note that blogging is an extremely helpful tool when it comes to boosting SEO of your online presence effectively.

There is a link between blogging and SEO. This is because the blog content created for your website will be viewed by search engines as relevant to the question from their customer. If a customer of a search engine asks a question on the search engine and the search engine believes your content answers the question, the customer will be directed to your website. In turn, this will boost the SEO of your website. It will also gain more traffic to your website. In turn, this can lead to higher conversions and more clients for your business.

There are lots of statistics that show us just how important the link between blogging and SEO is. For example, the close rates of SEO leads to a website are over 14%. Meanwhile, the conversion close rate for outbound links is much lower at less than 2%. This is what Optinmonster found in their research dated 2021.

Optinmonster also found that 70% of online marketers believe that content creation is the most effective SEO strategy for their business. If you’re not blogging for your business, what SEO benefits could you be missing out on?

It’s about quality blog posts to boost your SEO. However, a higher quantity of high-quality blog posts will benefit you too. Traffic Generation Café completed some research in 2020. During this time, they found that after uploading 52 blog posts the traffic to a website increased. This was an increase of up to 77%. If you’re looking to gain more visitors to your website, this could be the way for you.

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