How does it feel when you get recognised or remembered? It makes you feel special doesn’t it? It makes you feel like you have made an impact and been memorable to the person. Personally, I love being recognised.

It happened to me recently. I attend BNI Quantum every Thursday morning. I then work from Allia Business Centre all day, instead of going across town back to the office. If you know me and have been to a coffee shop with me you’ll know that I love a mocha. However I always have my mochas with marshmallows under the cream.

Recently, I worked from the Allia Business Centre cafe. This was the 4th Thursday in a row. I only order 1 coffee each visit (or I would be awake all night), and they remembered without me having to ask. How did it make me feel? Special and remembered! This level of customer service is great.

But it got us thinking. Did you know that we do this for our clients all the time? But not quite how you think. Rather we give them the experience of being recognised.

When we manage people’s social media for them, they attend events and they are told they are recognised from social media. When it comes to business, being recognised is huge. It doesn’t just make you feel special and remembered. It means people are remembering you and your business or brand too.

Being recognised when you attend an event from your posts on social media means that you are active online. People will rarely go out of their way to find you on social media after the first connection. However if you are in their news feed they are reminded of you and what you do for a business.

Do you want to be recognised when you enter a room or attend an event? Then why not speak to us about our social media management and social media posting services. We are here to help you achieve more online.