As many of you may know, I spent most of my life living in Cambridgeshire, although towards Huntingdon and only recently in Peterborough. In fact Creative Content Company was originally set up in Hartford, just outside Huntingdon, before moving to Peterborough when the company was just one month old!

Anyhow, that has meant that I still have links (and heart strings), that pull me towards Huntingdon and the community and schools in that area. When I was invited to St Peters School I was unsure, I went to Hinchingbrooke School as a child, and if you are from that way you’ll know the two schools have a friendly rivalry between them… so going to the school of the ‘enemy’ was a big step!

However, I did it and have never looked back. It was a superb Careers Day and actually one of my most favourite of all career days that I have been along to. It was really well organised and the students hadn’t been forced to go along – they wanted to.

The organiser, Laura, had chosen one business from each industry and then each student choose three industries they wanted to speak to and were then giving a form telling them the order in which they would see each industry.

As the students entered the room they quickly found the first table they were due to sit at and there were between 3 and 8 students per table, with the person from that industry. For that day I went as a promoter of Entrepreneurs and although what I did was discussed we went into details of how they could become entrepreneurs and thoughts they had for their futures.

To break the ice each table had a list of questions they could ask and then they could throw their own questions in too. I feel that because they were such small groups of children it was easier to ask questions and have a real chat that was beneficial to them and their ideas. I saw 7 groups that day and each conversation was completely different because they felt able to ask their own questions.

It was really interesting to hear the students’ thoughts and see their faces when I answered their questions about

the qualifications and grades I had (a written down question on the list) and how much I earn (their own question).

I am always keen to quash the rumour that if you don’t get those amazing grades of As and A*s you will become nothing, so being able to be a ‘real person’ to be able to confirm this, instead of using the example of Richard Branson being dyslexic was a brilliant opportunity.

As much as I may be ashamed to admit it due to being an ex-Hinchingbrooke School student, I really enjoyed my time at St Peters School. The event was really well organised and the students were just superb. I may even be tempted to go back and work with them again – just don’t let my old school know!