Looking for some social media post ideas for April 2023? Help is at hand! As we have said a thousand times, the key to social media is in the title. You need to be social. This means that you shouldn’t just create posts that sell your business, service or products. Instead, you need to be social. You should use your social media to talk about you and the people behind your business.

We always say that ‘people buy people’. But how can people buy from you or your people, if they don’t know who they are? This is why we have put together these social media post ideas for April. They should help you think outside the box. Hopefully you will find ways that you can use them to be social and engage with your audience.

Community Spirit Days – Do you do something in your local community? Why not talk about it or share a photo on social media?

International Customer Loyalty Month – How do you thank your loyal clients? Why not share how you reward them and give them a shout-out too.

National Walking Month – This is a chance to show photos of walks you and your team do. This places you as a local business and a real business.

Stress Awareness Month – Share your top tips for dealing with stress. If you have business offerings that help reduce stress, share these too.

Laugh at Work Week: 1-7 – You could use this week to share some of the favourite jokes from your team to help spread some smiles and laughter.

Money Smart Week: 15-21– What do you do to be smarter with your money? Can you share these tips with your audience. Does your business have an offering that helps people become smarter with their money?

National Volunteer Week: 15-21 – What volunteering do you and your team do? Talk about what you do, who you do it for and why. Consumers love businesses that give back.

National Karaoke Week: 23-29 – A little fun one to end the month with. Why not share your favourite karaoke song. If you’re feeling brave, share a video too!

Don’t forget to use a hashtag of the local day in your posts. This could be #LaughAtWorkWeek with your jokes, for example.

Need help posting on social media for your business? Call our team now. These are just some of our social media post ideas targeted to April 2023. We have loads more great ideas and social media posts for your business.