If you are attending the Peterborough Biscuit Business Exhibition, then this is a must-read blog post for you. The event is fast approaching, and you want to make sure you have a busy and popular stand. While the Peterborough Biscuit team are doing loads of work behind the scenes to get attendees to the event, as a whole – this is what you can do to get visitors to your stand! If you were ever in the scouts, you’ll know preparation is key!

This is our guide to social media planning for Peterborough Biscuit exhibitors to get the most out of the event.

Let’s get your social media posts planned out. It’s likely, if you have ordered new marketing items or printed materials, these will have started arriving. Get them on social media and get that excitement going. This could be a new business card, fab new pens, an exciting notepad or your new roll-up banner. The business community are a supportive bunch. Share photos on social media and use the #PboroBiscuit2022 hashtag. It will add to the countdown excitement for the event.

Speaking of countdowns, don’t forget to do a countdown on your own social media. This could be 2 weeks to go, 1 week to go, 6 days, 5 days and so on. Each time share a link for people to book on as visitors to the exhibition. Include which stand they can find you at too. This will spread awareness of the event, but of your business too.

Talk about what you are doing and taking to the #PboroBiscuit2022. This could include an introduction to your team that will be there. Why not go with the theme by sharing their name, a photo of them, their job title and their favourite biscuit perhaps? This will start engagement and break the ice when visitor comes to your stand on the day too!

Share photos of any exciting marketing freebies and giveaways that you have. Everyone loves a freebie. Whether you have pens, biscuits, notepads, badges, stress balls or some cakes – tell your audience. If they’re already attending the event, they will be sure to come to your stand. If they weren’t attending, the offer of a free pen or cake, could be enough to tempt them.

Are you running any competitions on the day, or have any visitor only special offers? Include these in your social media planning for the Peterborough Biscuit. You can talk about the competitions and deals in your countdown posts for example. If you have a great deal or competition this will encourage people to not only attend the event, but also your stand.

These are just some ideas of things to include in your social media planning for the Peterborough Biscuit. The key things to remember are to include the event hashtag #PboroBiscuit2022 and include your stand number.

One of the great things about social media planning for the Peterborough Biscuit is that it will not only encourage people to come to your stand, but it will also break the ice when they are at your stand as they’ll talk about some of your social media posts they have seen.

Don’t forget to post photos of your stand when you set up the day before, and on the day too.

If you need help with your social media planning, call our team.

We are offering 10 days of social media posting for £50 to all exhibitors if you like our ideas but don’t have the time to follow them through.