One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make when it comes to blogging is a lack of blogging consistency. They’ll create and publish weekly or even daily blog posts for a set period of time. Then they’ll stop.

The business owner might stop because they run out of time. Perhaps work picks up and their time is best spent elsewhere. Other times, they’ve blogged for a month or two, but nothing comes from it. One of the keys to small business blogging success is consistency. If you have a lack of blogging consistency, it will not be beneficial for your business.

If you have a lack of blogging consistency you will not be producing and publishing content for your small business blog on a regular basis. You may find that your blogging schedule is just a dream on the pinboard with no action of future. It is likely that if you have a lack of blogging consistency you will change the tone and style of your writing. This can confuse the reader and make it hard for readers to trust you, engage with you and relate with you.

Don’t worry – help is at hand. If you are lacking in creating blog posts on a consistent basis, we can help. You have two options available.

  • Bulk Book Blog Posts

You can bulk book blog posts form us. This means that you can carry on blogging when you have time. Then when you don’t have time, you can use the blog posts we have written for you. As the backup from up gets lower, we can top them up for you. Our bloggers in Peterborough can write to your topics or give you fresh ideas too.

  • You Can Plan Ahead

Instead of blogging as you go along, you can plan ahead. Before putting your blog post live, create blog posts for the next two months. Every couple of weeks create more blog posts and schedule them in advance. This should help you keep on top of blogging, even when work picks up.

Need help staying consistent with writing and uploading fresh SEO content to your website? Call out copywriters now. We can create the website content that you need.