We have been creating lots of blog posts for businesses, which is nothing unusual. However, these blog posts have been looking at the changes they have made during lockdown. These blogs have included things like extra training or new employees that have joined the team during lockdown. Other blog posts have spoken about the measurements and changes made to adhere to government guidelines around coronavirus. These blogs have spoken about how the businesses are looking after their clients, customers and employees.

So, it made sense that we should probably do a blog post about our changes through lockdown too.

Firstly, let’s go back to March!

Sarah joined the team at the beginning of March and was working from home and the office while she got to grips with what we do. As lockdown came in, her working from home became a more permanent arrangement. Angela has always worked from home, so we kept these arrangements in place. Where we normally have a monthly coffee and cake to catch up, this has been moved to online zoom meetings.  We also attended an online Drag Bingo event which was brilliant fun.

We were in Norman Cross Art Gallery; where the business had been based for 4 years. We had a few issues at this office and decided to use the lockdown opportunity to find a better office for our needs. We are currently in the process of moving into our new office at Flag Business Exchange. Keep an eye on our social media for exciting updates. Well, updates that we find exciting anyway!

Lots of businesses were still keen to grow and learn new skills during lockdown so we created Zoom meetings and online training. This is something we will keep going forward, as long as the interest is still there. Our online social media and blogging training allows individuals or teams to learn social media or blogging skills from the comfort of their own home, or in the office. We will still be offering training in person, but this option will stay available for those that are interested.

Our own social media presence has become more personalised too. We are sharing bits about our team so you get to know all the Creative Content Company team better, not just Hazel. We are always talking about how people buy people, so this was an obvious step for us as a business.

These are the three main changes that have taken place through lockdown.

How has your business changed?