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Want Your Event To Be Huge On Social Media?


If you are organising an event and you need it to be chatted about on social media, you want attendees getting involved and you want to give your event full publicity then why not book one of our social media team to live tweet your event for you.


The live tweeter will be at your event from the very beginning, tweeting photos behind the scenes, the set up, sharing the hashtag and getting attendees engaged and involved as the event begins. This person will then sit in on the event from start to finish, asking people on Twitter the questions raised at the event, sharing photos of guest speakers and sponsors and sharing the views, opinions and tweets of attendees to the events.


Whether you are hosting a business event such as an exhibition or an event with guest speakers, panels, discussions and presentations, having your event live tweeted will quickly get the word out that those not attending are really missing out on a superb event.


The live tweeting can begin in the run up to the event, on the day of the event itself or just for a particular workshop or speaker at an event. We can even live tweet weddings; which is a current popular trend. Whenever and wherever your event is, we have the live tweeters to make your event a huge success on social media.




Per Talk

If you would like just one or more talks or workshops to be live tweeted then this is the service for you. £50 per 1hr talk.





Per Event

If you would like us to attend the whole day event, from start to finish, including breakout sessions this is the service you need.

This includes sharing the event before the big day, starting a Hashtag and engaging with attendees and sponsors before & during the event.



We can also set up your social media pages, please contact us for a quote

Do Your Social Profiles Need To be Suited and Booted?

We both know how important your brand is, then why not have the same branding across all your social media profiles? Having your brand in multiple places promotes trust and reliability.

If you would like one of our graphic designers to create custom designs to fit all your social media profiles, then please ask in the message section for more details on pricing.




Per Event

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Whether it’s basic social media management you need or a full social media management process then we can help you. You could spend hours a day on Social Media talking to the wrong people.

The sensible option is to allow us to manage your social media campaigns for you while you get on with what you are good at – running your business!

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