As a Twitter Account Manager, I have come across lots of companies that are using Twitter, they are updating Twitter everyday with messages saying ‘Good Morning’ and posting a tweet about their latest offer or news about one of their products and they think that they are being very active – but do they really know how to use Twitter correctly?

Twitter is all about getting to know people, engaging with people and (the clue’s in the title), Social Media is about being social. People don’t go on there to be sold to. People go on Twitter to talk to people, to engage and communicate with people that share similar hobbies and interests.

It’s a good idea to put regular tweets on Twitter, so you are keeping active but it is so important to talk to people. You need to make sure you talk to people that talk to you. I recently went for a meal in Peterborough at an Italian restaurant. The meal was average but the service was appalling. I told them on Twitter and it took them 4 days to get back to me (comical really as my complaint was about slow service).

If you are going to put yourself out there on Twitter, then you need to remember that you are fully contactable. If someone sends you a tweet they expect a reply. This does not mean sit on Twitter all day and night just in case someone needs you, but it is important that you reply within a few days, ideally the next day.

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