July is Independent Retailer Month. Are you an independent retailer? Then now is your time to shine. In this blog post we have put together a list of blog post ideas. As an independent retailer you can use these ideas to boost your brand awareness, SEO and sales for your business.

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  • Why Buy From An Independent Retailer?

Talk about why people should buy from independent retailers like your business. Talk about the benefits of shopping from indie shops for the consumer and the business. Share the impact on the local business community too.

  • Share Your Story

Use Independent Retailer Month as a chance to share more about your business. Talk about your story and your journey. Share why you started your business and what keeps you going. Talk about how long your business has been going and what you have achieved. Don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself and talk about your successes.

  • Promote Other Independent Businesses

Take the chance to promote other independent retailers that you are local to or buy from. This will help promote those businesses that you admire and respect. It will also show you as a business that cares about others. This can go a long way when it comes to gaining respect from your customers and other businesses too.

These are just three very simple blog ideas to help promote your business during Independent Retailer Month. If you’d like some more blog ideas or help writing blogs for your business, call us. We offer blog writing services in Peterborough and blogging workshops too.