Here at the Creative Content Company we use Linkedin as a networking tool. We connect with people we know through networking. People that are similar to us, of interest to us or people that need our service / we need theirs.

However, this isn’t how many people use their Linkedin accounts. For some people LinkedIn is  a numbers game. People are proud to have over 5,000 connections on Linkedin. But what does that achieve? Chances are that you don’t know who those people are or what they do. You haven’t been able to understand how you can support their business or how they can support yours.

When we receive a connection request on Linkedin we check out the profile of the person that sent the message. Next, we send them a message to find out more about them, why they want to connect with us and other friendly questions so we can get to know them.

This is an example of a message we sent on Monday 11th February to the 26 people that had sent connection requests over the weekend;

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

Don’t know about you, but the weekend certainly flew by for us! How was your weekend?

This week looks like another busy one here at Creative Content Company HQ – still following up on leads from Peterborough Biscuit Business Event last week. We have got a few meetings booked in, and some blog posts and website content to write for clients too.

What are you up to this week?

Thanks for the connection request by the way. I haven’t clicked ‘accept’ yet because I’m not sure I know you and there was no personalised message that told me why you would like to connect / the reason you sent the connection request?

Here’s hoping to hear from you soon so we can connect and network further?

Personally, I think it’s great to connect with people and build relationships, which Liknkedin is ideal for.

In the meantime here is a link to a blog we uploaded recently. It includes some content marketing stats that may surprise you!

Kind Regards,  Hazel.

We will then send 1-2 messages a week for a month. If we have still had no response one month later (the timer is shown by Linkedin on the connection request) then we will delete the connection request and mark it as spam.

Why do we do that? Because if someone doesn’t reply to a message within 1 month, or multiple messages over a month are they really somebody that we want to do business with?

Is LinkedIn a numbers game for you, or an effective networking tool?