The simple answer is yes. It is more cost effective to outsource copy writing instead of employing a copy writer. But, let us look at why it is more cost effective to outsource copy writing.

To employ a copy writer, it will cost you between £20,000 and £30,000 a year in their annual salary. You also need to include costs for National Insurance, pensions, holidays, sick pay and more. On top of this you will need to include the cost for advertising the job, interviewing and hiring. Even if you don’t use a recruitment agency, this is still costing you money. The time you spend sifting through CVs and completing interviews is time you could be earning money.

You also need to take into account equipment for your copy writer. This includes a desk, chair, computer, phone and more. All of these things cost money.

Another thing you need to think about is, do you have enough work for a full-time copywriter? Do you even have enough time for a part-time copywriter?

Here at Creative Content Company we create a new blog post for the website every other day. This is a lot more blogs than other companies. This takes us 3-4 days’ worth of time to create a month of blog posts. How much content and copy do you really need for your business?

We have just started working with a client that needs over 500 blog posts and about 300 landing pages. He could have employed a copy writer. Instead he has found it to be more cost effective to outsource the copy writing to us.

Genuinely speaking it is around £40 for a blog post or page of website content. We have offered this client a small discount as it is such a large project and it will run for a few months. Drip feeding this content to the website is far more beneficial, SEO wise, than uploading all 800+ pages at once. It’s easier to have a content writer creating the copy over a period of time, so the content can be drip fed to the website.

However, if this was an in-house copy writer, how would that work? Once the 800+ pages of copy are written, what do they do next? The standard number of blogs for this client is 4 a month, which would take him or less than a day.

This is just one example of why it is more cost effective to outsource copy writing, but as you can see – it really is better. You just use a copy writer, like us, as and when you need. There is no need to pay an annual salary, our holiday or pensions. Instead you just pay for the content you get.

That said, if you do want to pay for our holiday I would quite like a nice getaway. Maybe a South African Safari?