Here at Creative Content Company we have lots of clients that don’t have the time, effort or knowledge to write blog posts so we write their business blog posts for them. However, other clients want to write their own business blog posts but don’t have any blog topic ideas or ideas for blog posts titles and we offer a service in our shop to help with that.

However, if you are looking to find fresh blog post ideas why not try some of the following locations we have put together for you? You’ll be sure to find something useful there and something that will be a great blog post or spark an idea for your own blog post!

  1. Read the news, industry books and magazines; share links to the articles you have read, explain the article in short for those that haven’t got time to read it and give your thoughts or opinion on the article too.
  2. Look at industry Question and Answer sites or forums; look at questions that people are asking and are relatable to your business and then use the question as a blog post title and the content as the answer. You can then publish the blog, but also share the link on the forum.
  3. Take the time to see what people are talking about on social media and how you can relate this to your business or industry. Look at mobile apps too; are there are any apps that you use that could be useful to the readers of your blog post?
  4. Either interview people in your team for a ‘get to know your business’ blog, interview customers and suppliers OR look for online interviews that you can share parts of on your own blog.
  5. Look at your Google Analytics and what people are searching for to find your business; use this in the next title so you can be higher up the search engine for future searches of that topic / title.
  6. Ask your readers what they want to hear about in future blog posts and when you write a new one share the link with the person that requested it.