During social media training we are always telling clients that they should be posting on Twitter at least once a day, ideally 3-5 times a day. Adding that we post on Twitter at least 5 times a day, with tweets that are scheduled, and then extra tweets as and when during the day.

We talk about different things people can post about and share on Twitter and other social media platforms too, explaining that you can link back to the same blog post time and time again, especially if it is evergreen content.

However, this is often met with shock and confusion. Why would you share a link back to a blog post many times because people had seen it already?

The reason is because each time you share the link back to the blog you use different wording, you could post the title and the link, a question about the title with the link, the question worded a different way with a link back, a snippet of the blog with a link back, a sentence from the blog post with a link back to read more.

These are just some of the ways you can link back to a blog post – the only thing that may be the same is the image saved to the blog post, which is why we recommend a link back every few days, instead of every day or multiple times on one day.

But not everyone will have seen it because not everyone is on Twitter all of the time!

Do you know the average life of a tweet on Twitter?

Its 2.8 hours, that’s 168 minutes, or 10,080 seconds. So your tweet will last just over 2 and a half hours and if the followers aren’t looking at your Twitter account at that point then they will miss it. Of course they may scroll through, but how far down will they scroll back? If you’re only posting once a day, will your followers scroll back 24 hours to see what you said?

As a side note, the mean half life of a post on Facebook is higher at 3.2 hours, which is 192 minutes or 11,520 seconds; as per research by Martech.

Are you posting on social media business pages enough to get noticed?