Whatever you do in business you want a positive ROI (return in investment) and perhaps even more so in small businesses where money is short and time is few and far between. We have been looking at business blogging and how it can generate a positive marketing ROI for your business.

A recent report by HubSpot called the ‘State of Inbound Marketing’ they found that business blogging contributes highly with respect of generating a good return in investment.

In 2013, when business blogging was nowhere near as popular and common as it is now, reports from HubSpot found that 79% of companies that had blog posts with regular fresh and unique content generated a positive return on investment for all their efforts.

Meanwhile, businesses and marketers that focused on business blogging as part of their marketing campaign had 13 times the impact of blogging on inbound return on investment; while other research also shows that marketers that prioritised business blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy a more positive return on investment.

However there are other benefits to blogging, aside from the excellent return on investment.

For example the increased visibility and wider reach that you can gain from business blogging is hard to compete with using other campaigns. For example, companies that blog regularly have 55% more visitors to their website than companies that do not.

These companies that blog regularly for their business also gain 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages than those companies that do not blog or do not blog regularly!

These figures just go to show how vital business blogging is to a successful marketing campaign.

However, we are aware that blogging for business can be tricky for many people as they don’t have the time, effort or skill. This is why we are here to take away that stress for you – we can create a bulk of blogs for you to upload as and when you choose, or we can create weekly blog posts for your business.