There is a lot to do when you start your own business. Some of these things you will have thought about when setting the business up. For example, things like the sales and networking side of the business, or the need for an accountant. However, other things just seem to creep up on you. In many cases, the things that creeps up on small business owners unexpectedly is social media. Help is at hand – in this blog post we share some tips to help you master your small business social media.

Follow these tips and you will quickly feel like a master of your small business social media. It may seem scary at first, but you’ll get to grips with it sooner than you think. That’s a promise from us.

Firstly, you need to set yourself a commitment. Choose which social media platforms you will use for your business. Also commit yourself to how often you will post on these social media pages.

To really master your small business social media you need to remember what makes your business different. The main thing that makes your business different to your competition is you. Show off your personality and people will engage with you and trust you, and your business.

It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason. It’s not called SALES media. Make sure you listen and engage. Don’t just share sales message after sales message after sales message as it just won’t work. Focus on listening and engaging more than you are promoting.

I imagine that you got into business because you love what you do; because you are passionate about what you do. So be passionate. Let your passion drive your content. This passion will then shine through and your audience will fall in love with you, your business and your products or services.

Be brave and experiment with video. It is scary at first, we know that as much as anyone. However, video is a great way of getting ‘you’ and your business in front of people. Video works so much better than written content or images. It’s a brave step, but we know you can do it!

By following these tips you will soon feel confident that you master your small business social media. However, if you are lacking confidence, want some social media training or would like us to manage your social media presence for you – just ask.