There are loads of content writers out there. Many of them will be able to create blog posts and website content for you. Some will offer ideas or suggest keywords for you too.  Maybe some will be really cheap, while others will be extremely expensive. They might have years of experience or be fresh from university. When hiring a content writer, you’ll find that here are a lot out there.

However, there are some content writers that will really help your business. These are content writers that will take the time to understand you and your business. They will talk about how often you blog, how often you want to blog and what you want to blog about. Then, they will manage the content writing for you.

These are the sort of content writers that will help your business, instead of just giving you great content. So, how can you hire a content writer that will help your business?

  • Don’t Just Look At The Price

Take your time to shop around. Look at what the writer has created in the past and if they have experience of your industry. You can then get quotes from the experienced writers you like; with a writing style you can relate to.  Base your decision on the writer, not just the price.

  • Ask For Examples

Ask the content writer for samples of their work and example blog posts. This will help you see their areas of experience. You can also see their writing style. Each copy writer will have a different writing style. It’s important that the content writer you choose can write to the style you want for your business.

  • What Do You Need?

If you’re not sure what you need content wise, it’s okay to ask. Think about if you need some one-off content or on-going content. This can often make a difference to the price you are quoted too. Regular work or bulk orders can often result in a discount. If you have a large order of blogs or high content requirements, check that the copy writer can meet your needs.

Here at Creative Content Company, we offer a number of online marketing services in Peterborough. One of these services is content writing. If you are looking to hire a content writer that will help your business, call us now. We can share links to our work on clients’ sites or recommend some blog titles and keywords for you.