In case you weren’t already aware, here at Creative Content Company we love our clients. We know that without them we would not be the company we are today. To thank our clients for choosing us we run a client loyalty raffle. All the clients that have used our services the month before and given a number. These numbers are put in a bowl and a number is chosen at random. The February client loyalty raffle winner was Stacey at Spott Creative, number 27.

Spott Creative are a company based in Peterborough that love all things design and print. They have completed some stunning work for some well-known larger brands and local businesses too. If you were at the Peterborough Biscuit Business Event in February you will have seen them there, just opposite our stand.

Stacey came to us for a blog post to promote the fact she was attending the Peterborough Biscuit Business Event. The blog post spoke about the work they do, why you should go to their stand and what you could win.

Fast forward a few weeks and Spott Creative were lucky enough to be chosen at random as the February client loyalty raffle winner. The prize for the February client loyalty raffle winner was a £25 donation for a charity of their choice. Stacey chose RSPCA because she feels it is her responsibility to protect those who need it. Animals are unable to protect themselves in the same was as humans can, so we need to do our bit for them, however small.

Stacey and her family are currently looking into adopting a dog themselves. However, they are aware of what a big commitment and responsibility this is. While they can’t wait until the day that does happen, in the meantime they will support this great charity in any way that they can.

February Client Loyalty Raffle Winner

On behalf of Stacey and Spott Creative, as the February client loyalty raffle winner, we have donated £25 to RSPCA. We also confirmed the Gift Aid, meaning another £6.25 was raised for the charity. The charity reports that £10 could help provide a day’s board for a horse that has suffered cruel treatment. Meanwhile, £25 could help provide a full health check for a dog rescued from neglect.

Well Done Stacey for choosing such a worthwhile charity and supporting them with the hard work they do.

The prize for the client loyalty raffle this month is an Easter Hamper full of chocolates and treats. If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning the raffle, drop us a line. You can become a client of our online marketing services in Peterborough.