I have been to lots of networking events recently and have had clients coming up to me asking if I had heard that Facebook is dying with others asking me if it’s true that Facebook really is dying… here is an article, of my personal opinion on the ‘Death of Facebook’.

It has been proven in research that younger people are now going to newer social media platforms and stepping away from social media sites like Facebook, so therefore experts state that Facebook is ‘dying’ but if your target audience is not teenagers – is Facebook dying for you?

The amount of people on Facebook is growing all the time, with new people joining all the time, but if research is right and teenagers are leaving this means the amount of older people on Facebook is growing… which in turn means that if your business is aimed at the older audience (not teenagers) then Facebook is certainly not dying for you – in fact it is improving is it not?

For example, Creative Content Company is not aimed at teenagers, it is aimed and small and large businesses (we are aware that some business owners could be teenagers), so for us Facebook is not dying, in fact it could even be making it easier for us to attract our target audience?

What are your thoughts? Is Facebook dying or, like us, is Facebook improving for your industry?