We have recently blogged about the design of a newsletter to make sure the reader sees it and you can get your message across as well as how to organise your newsletter, but what about the content of the newsletter? How can you ensure you have effective newsletter content for your email newsletter?

Use Headlines: The reader could be doing a wide range of things so it’s important that you catch their attention while allowing them to skim through the content. Headlines will allow you and them to do exactly that.

Don’t Do Me Me Me: Don’t make it all about you, if the reader thinks that you are just pushing promotions at you and talking about how great you are they will be quickly turned off, so make your newsletter interesting and helpful.

Provide Something Valuable: No, we don’t mean loads of special offers. We mean content they will enjoy, news that is of interest to them or information they will want to know.

Break It Down: The reader will be skim reading so make it easy to read by breaking it down into easily digestible chunks, instead of an overwhelming essay that could go on for miles if they open the newsletter on their smartphone.

Hit The Right Tone: The tone of the content in your newsletter should be a continuation of the content of your brand, which can be seen on your website and on social media. The tone of your newsletter should sound like your company and be consistent with other marketing materials.

Don’t Make Them Scroll: It’s unlikely the reader will scroll to the bottom, especially if they’re on a mobile device so make sure put the interesting and important stuff at the top – that way they will want to scroll down to find out more.

If you find that you’re struggling with the content of your newsletter, you don’t know what to say, how to say it or how to lay it out then give us a call – we do newsletter creation for a living and we’re always happy to offer help, advice and guidance.