Research shows that 55% of all small businesses in the UK have a blog on their website which they regularly update with new blog posts. Does your small business blog?

How long does it take for small businesses to write their own blog posts? Research shows that 45% of small businesses spend between one and three hours creating a small business blog for their website. Meanwhile 16% of small businesses spend more than three hours creating a blog post.

As a small business owner is there not something else that you could be spending that time on?

As a small hairdressing salon you could do three hair appointments in those three hours. This could earn you around £250. So what would you rather do, spend 3 hours writing a blog we could do for you for £40, or earn £250?

How about a shopkeeper? You spend all day rushed off your feet and look forward to getting home and spending time with your family. You have just got through the door and you realise you have to write a blog post. Wouldn’t you rather purchase a blog post for £40 and have three hours of quality time with your family?

A plumber will charge between £20 and £40 an hour, according to research by Local Heroes and British Gas. If you are a plumber and it is taking you 3 hours to write a blog post this could cost you between £60 and £120. However, if you outsource to a content writer you save time and make more money.

Having a small business blog is a great way of getting your name, business and brand out there. You can come across as that helpful friend and the reader will trust you. Blog posts help build relationships and trust with your potential customers and target audience.

While we would always recommend blogging as an essential marketing tool, writing the small business blog yourself isn’t essential. Call our bloggers in Peterborough now to see how we can help you.