Does good quality blog content really matter? If we wanted to make this a really short blog, we could just give you the answer – Yes! However, that’s not how we work here at Creative Content Company. We like to tell our audience the answers, but then explain why. We are the blogging experts. However, we want our clients to have an understanding of blog content too.

So, why does good quality blog content really matter?

Blog posts are great for SEO and they’re brilliant for backlinks and internal links too. These things can really help boost the position of your website on search engines like Google.

We recently came across some stats from research completed by HubSpot that said 55% of business professionals rate blogging as their more important marketing tool. This is just one HUGE example of who good quality blog content really matters.

Orbit Media did some research that looked at blogs and blogging too. They found that 64% of business to business (also known as B2B) marketers outsource their blogs to professional bloggers. Why do they do this? Because they know that good quality blog content really matters.

When you use a blog writer you will gain their skills, experience and knowledge. They will create excellent quality blog posts for that match the voice of your business and tone of your audience. This then helps build up trust between your business and your target audience. Relationships building begins because they see your blogs and know that you are the business that they want to purchase from.

If you choose to outsource your blogging to a blog writer, you’ll be in good company. Just check out this list of clients that we have worked over the last 7 years. They understand that good quality blog posts are important to their business, and they chose to outsource their blogging to us.

Why not call our team now, or book an online meeting to see how we can help you with great quality blog posts your target audience will love?