When it comes to websites, generally speaking there are certain things that every website should have. This includes a contact details so potential customers can get hold of you and order your products or services. Each website also needs to explain the products or services that are available otherwise people don’t know why they have come to your site.

Personally, here at Creative Content Company we feel that every website needs a blog so then it can be updated once or twice a week (as a minimum) with new articles, to keep the website fresh and the Google spiders happy.

But every website needs an About Us page too, there are different things this page can be called but it needs to be obvious that it is the ‘About Us’ page, whatever you choose to call it.

Do you have an about us page ​

The About Us page can be one of the most popular pages on a business’s website, it’s the page that visitors to your website will go to so they can find out more about the company. They want to know who you are, where you have come from, what your experience is and they want to get on with ‘you’ as a company.

The About Us page is your chance to say why you are so wonderful, to list any awards or achievements you have had while in business, while getting your personality across. Visitors to your About Us page want to get a little deeper, this could be a good place to have photos of the core team members, a little bit about the experience and knowledge they have in the industry.

You can use the About Us page to show the visitor why you are different to your competition, what you do that makes you stand out from the crowd and what you do that is different to others in your industry.Basically speaking, use your About Us page to make you stand out from the crowd.If you would like some help with the content for your About Us page or any other page on your website give us a call, we are always happy to help.