Here at the Creative Content Company we get invited to a lot of VIP events and opening nights of new businesses in the local area. We are always flattered to be invited to these events, of course. However, we also know that very often we have not been chosen at random. As a marketing company some new businesses chose to invite us to their opening night or VIP event because they want free marketing. In fairness, this is what we always do for them. However, this is never agreed or asked for. It is just something we do.

But what about outside of the marketing? Does a VIP event work after that?

So, in the last few years we have been invited to a number of VIP events. We certainly think they work. These have included Heavenly Desserts in Peterborough City Centre, House of Feasts in Eye and Coyotes Bar in Peterborough City Centre. How do I know VIP events work? Because I am still talking about them now.

I have been to Heavenly Desserts maybe 4 or 5 times since the VIP night. I’ve taken different people there each time and we have loved it there – every time! It’s not in the main part of the City Centre. I honestly believe that if I had not been to their Opening Night, I wouldn’t have been there. It would have been another place I spotted as I drive past and thought I might try it one day. Yet, the day never comes because I would keep forgetting about it.

My partner and I attended the House of Feasts opening night a few years ago now. I have been back with family, friends and work colleagues easily 20 times since. I’ve attended their Polish Feast events, Sunday Roast, the bakery during lockdown and so much more. Again, every time I have been I have loved it. More importantly, my guests have too. House of Feasts is becoming really well known locally. However, while it is near where I live, it’s not somewhere I would have gone past had I not have known it was there.

Coyotes Bar was the most recent VIP night we attended. It wasn’t long before lockdown that I attended with my partner and two friends. Did their VIP night work? My bank account would definitely say so. Apart from drinks in town and the odd breakfast here and there, this was our venue for the Euro 200 matches.

We attended all the England matches apart from one. On each occasion having food and drinks. On one, less memorable Saturday night match, we had food and many cocktails, racking up a bill of close to £200. Bearing in mind their VIP night included a free drink on arrival and a small sample of their food, along with a fantastic band – I think they made their money back from the VIP night! This is not a venue I would have considered if we hadn’t been to that VIP night. We have only been back there so much because of that brilliant opening night and the excellent customer service from then on.

Do I believe that VIP events work? I most certainly do. So, as a cheeky end – if you have a local business opening or a VIP night coming up, I would love an invite. We will promote the business on our social media. Chances are, if we’re impressed, we will definitely be back!