In August 2013 a lady was setting up a company but she didn’t know what to call it, she considered lots of different names but nothing seemed to fit the bill. She decided to write a blog post, asking friends of her personal blog for ideas.

In the blog she listed the services the company would offer, the kind of style she was looking for and the clientele she was aiming for. She also offered a free blog post as a prize for the best company name idea. A person who had long been following the blog but had never made contact with her suggested a company name and she fell in love with it and so the company was born.

She then emailed the person and asked what they would like their blog posts to be about, it was a generic hotmail address so she didn’t know anything about the person or his company. He replied that he had a car hire client and would like some content created for that. The lady that wrote the original blog was confused and excited at the prospect of this person having clients and wondered if more work would come her way.

A few days later the blog post had been sent and an email appeared in the lady’s inbox – it was from a Rikki Lear of Digital22. He loved the content the lady had written and wanted more for his clients. He placed an order for another ten articles and continued to do so for many months.

This story may sound familiar to some of you; the lady we are talking about is Hazel Cottrell, the now, CEO of Creative Content Company, the company name that was suggested by Rikki Lear. Last week Hazel and Rikki spoke on the phone for the first time. Until then they had built a strong business relationship on Twitter, Email and Blogging alone.

Does this not show you the real power of Social Media for businesses?