Previously we have spoken about different things you can post on Twitter to encourage new followers, to get tweets retweeted and expand your brand awareness, but what about when you left with an unhappy customer on Twitter – what do you do then? How can you use unhappy twitter customers to grow your business?

Hazel went to the cinema at the weekend, if there is one thing you should know about her it is that she HATES ice in her drinks (something about sensitive teeth), so on arrival at the cinema she got her ticket for The Love Punch (a great film by the way, a funny and heart warming rom-com), she ordered her popcorn (sweet and salty mixed) and a Coke Zero with NO ICE.

We will let her Twitter posts tell you the rest of the story;
(Including a photo of the text that said she had not won this time!)

So what did Cineworld do in response? So we can see that they have made a joke of it, they have been friendly and polite. They have responded to tweets with a polite and engaging manner and they’ve been funny too – but could they have done more?

Cineworld had a lot of Hazel’s details, they knew the film she was going to watch, they knew she had a drink and popcorn, they had a photo of her and they had her name. At the time there were about 10 other people in that showing (which they could have seen by tickets sold).

Imagine what would have happened if they walked into the cinema, shouted for Hazel or gone and found her with a coke zero, with no ice and an apology?

Everyone in the cinema would have seen them going the extra mile, Hazel would have tweeted saying how amazing they were, she probably would have tweeted a photo of her and her ‘no ice’ drink and this blog post right now would have been shouting about how great Cineworld were on the recent visit to Cineworld.

We aren’t saying that Cineworld did a bad thing, their customer service was very good in response to the tweet – but just imagine what more they could have done with the information they had?

What more could you do for an unhappy customer on your social media platforms?