Every few weeks we share blog post ideas for free; this is because we love brainstorming blog post ideas and we think we could come up with blog post ideas for any industry, business or sector. For example this month we chose university blog post ideas at random and below are the 10 blog post topic ideas we can up with.

Feel free to share them with any universities you know that may find these blog post title ideas to be of use.

1.What To Look For When Choosing Your … / How To Choose The Right … For You

This blog post can be written for college, university, 6th form etc – it covers points like the course you want, social activities you enjoy, on-site accommodation, parking (if you will have to travel), reviews and scores from previous years and students and such like. You can write variations of this blog post with titles as suggested.

2.Should I Work While Studying?

Share the pros and cons of working while studying such as keeping CV up to date, earning money, etc, but also the fact workload will be high and you don’t want to mess up your studying. Talk about typical ‘student’ jobs.

3.How To Keep Homesickness At Bay

Discuss that for students it could be the first time away from home, how this can be hard and then share ideas for keeping homesickness at bay such as joining clubs, getting a job, keeping busy, arranging regular catch ups with friends and family, etc.

4.Top Student Discount Shops

Talk about the benefits of being a student and the best shops to get student discount and include places they may not expect to get student discount – eg: special days at restaurants and hair dressers.

5.Your Student Rail Card

Give a guide to getting and applying for a student rail card, talk about the cost and discounts available and then where they can go on trips for different courses, subjects, interests and hobbies – as well as going home.

6.How To Be A Good Flat Mate / Tenant

This could be two blog posts and basically talks about being considerate to others, not leaving your stuff on the side, washing up your items, no loud music to annoy neighbours, paying rent on time and such like.

7.You Didn’t Get The Grades You Hoped – What Now?

This is a blog for those that expected high grades but didn’t meet what they hoped and how they can now move on; discuss talking to friends and family, looking at other colleges / universities, getting experience, taking a year out and so on.

8.School Dinners or Packed Lunch

Talk about the pros and cons of both; the fact packed lunch can be cheaper and you can make sure you eat healthily and so on. Discuss pros and cons for both school dinner and packed lunch and leave the decision with the reader.

9.How To Prepare For An Open Day

Start with the obvious things like check timings, routes and such like before moving on to things like what to wear, questions to ask, what to expect, who to meet and similar topics.

10.What To Expect At An Open Day

In this blog post you will talk about what an open day is, the benefits of it and what the reader can expect from an open day – eg: meeting staff, tour of the facilities, see other students and similar; you’re just putting their mind at rest.