We regularly share free blog post ideas for two reasons; two help people in that industry or sector with free blog post topic ideas that they can use themselves, but also to promote our blog post ideas service and to confirm we really can create blog post ideas on a wide range of topics!

In this blog we have put together some free blog post topics for businesses selling gifts and products.

1.How To Show Your Mother You Care

In this blog post you will talk about the Mothers Day, the love between a mother and her child and recommend personalised gifts that really show the reader’s mother that they are loved and cared for; it’s a chance to promote different gifts / products that you sell. The same can be done for Father’s Day in June!

2.Save, Splash or Splurge This Mothers Day

Another blog post for Mothers Day; this blog post will show 3 different price levels of gifts for mums on Mother’s Day. The lowest price option is Save and could even be something from clearance or sale part of the website, then splash, followed by Splurge at the higher price end. Again, this can be done for Father’s Day in June too.

3.Take a Photo Frame Gift To The Next Level

Use this blog to really engage with your audience, explain how a photo frame is a lovely gift, but to make it an even better gift you can put a photo in it. These days’ people don’t have photos lying around as they are on their phones, so print out a photo and put it in the frame to create a truly personalised and gorgeous gift.

4.Treat Yourself To A Candle

Start by explaining you have a wide range of candles with different scents and then go on to talk about the cosy and warm feeling that the aroma of the candle gives off, the sweet scent throughout the home or how the candle is an added luxury to a relaxing soak in the bath.

5.Always Be On Time

Use this blog post to share the different clocks that you have on offer, discuss different clocks for different styles, themes and uses. For example, a Salvadore Dali clock is great for a modern or arty home, while your selection of retro clocks fit with a modern or classic home – etc.

6.Creating The Shabby Chic Look In Your Home

Share tips for paint colours for the walls as well as furniture options for the shabby chic look and then share some of the products you sell that would be classed as shabby chic and explain how these could work with the style of the room or home.

7.Disney For All Ages

Talk about the fact that Disney really is for kids of all ages (even big kids like us); explain how if you watch a Disney film when you’re young and when you’re older you see it in a completely different light but you still have fondness and love for the characters; give some examples of favourite Disney film characters and tie this in with your products.

8.What Do I Get For The Bridal Party?

This would be a really good blog post as it is often asked about on wedding forums and Google; by using the answer as the title you will attract more traffic to the website. In the blog post talk about why you should purchase a gift for the bridal party, who is in the bridal party and recommended gifts they can keep and cherish for years to come.

9.How Do You Store Your Jewellery?

Use this blog post to share tips for keeping pairs of earrings together, for not tangling necklaces and not loosing matching sets of jewellery. Then link to jewellery products such as a glass jewellery box, a jewellery hanger and such like; talking about the benefits of each.

10.Use Cushions To Personalise Your Home

Talk about the benefits of scatter cushions; that they brighten up and refresh a room, they make chairs and sofas look comfy and snuggly and they can personalise a room with your unique personality – they can also mark furniture as someone’s territory (eg: dad cushion and such like) so visitors know where they shouldn’t sit.