Are you looking for blog post ideas for your small business? Then help is at hand. Here at Creative Content Company, we are, perhaps weirdly, experts at coming up with blog post ideas. We speak to so many small business owners that struggle coming up with blog topics and ideas. Yet this is just something that comes naturally to us. We can easily come up with blog post ideas for your small business, as you’ll see below.

You may have seen out other blog posts where we share blog post ideas for set industries or types of businesses. However, there are also blog topics and ideas that all businesses can use. We have shared just some of these below. Remember, you can use them yourself or you can contact us with your favourite blog posts for your small business and we can write the blog posts for you.

  • Share a success story of your client. This could be them winning an award and it’s a business that you have worked closely with. Alternatively, it could be more like a case study where you talk about how you have helped the customer or client succeed.
  • Answer those frequently asked questions. Think about all the questions you are asked online, via email, on social media and in store. By using the question as the title of the blog post, you’ll gain SEO points and help more people too. Plus, it will save you time next time you are asked the question.
  • Talk about you. If you’ve ever met Hazel, the owner and founder of Creative Content Company, you’ll know she talks a lot about how people buy people. Sharing a blog post about you, your business, why you started, and your journey will be a great way of engaging with your target audience and fans.
  • Interview a member of your team. Give your potential customers a chance to know who is behind the business and who they’ll be talking to. These interviews can talk about their past, why they love working for the business and their personal likes and dislikes too. It’s all about making your business ‘real’ and not a robot.
  • A day in the life of is another great way of introducing you or the team. This could be you, a sales assistant, warehouse worker or driver for example. Talk about what their day looks like and what they do. Include how this helps your business and benefits the customer too. Share titbits and nuggets that you do different to the competition to ensure excellent customer service.
  • Behind The Scenes posts are great blog post ideas for your small business too. This could be the arrival of a new product, moving office or preparation for the festive season for example. Again, it makes your business real and personal. In turn, this makes it easier for your audience to engage and relate to you.
  • A quarterly update is another great blog post idea for your business. This gives you a chance to reflect on how far the business has come. You can talk about business growth, new clients, services, etc. The quarterly update can also include plans for the months ahead and what your customers and clients can expect.

These are just some of the many blog post ideas for your small business that we recommend. Don’t forget, you can use them yourself. Alternatively, you can speak to our Peterborough copywriters who can create the blog posts for you.