Our content writers in Peterborough create blog posts for a wide range of businesses and industries. We know that some people struggle coming up with blog post ideas for their business, while other just don’t have the skill, will or time to create their own blog posts.

We offer different services to help clients with their blogging needs. We can offer blogging workshops, we can write blog posts for you or we can offer blog post ideas.

We have created an example of our blog post ideas service below for you. In this example we have listed three blog post ideas for wills and powers of attorney businesses. If you know someone that needs blog post ideas for wills and powers of attorney businesses, please share this blog post with them.

1. Do My Children Automatically Get My House When I Die?

In this blog post talk about what planning needs to go in place to ensure your children get your home, if you want them too. Talk about what happens if you want your children to get your home but you haven’t planned for that as therefore their future is not protected. Then explain how you can help.

2. My Father Has Been Scammed Out of Money; How Can I Stop This Happening Again?

Use this blog post to sympathise with the reader. We hear about scams happening all the time and they are often aimed at the older and more vulnerable people. Explain how a power of attorney could stop this happening again in the future as the reader can be a second pair of eyes for a scam and help keep the older persons money safe in the future.

3. What Does A Will Do?

This is a question that people ask Google every day. By writing a blog post with this title you are answering the question. In reading the blog the reader trusts you and in turn it will be more likely they will come to you for the will they require.

As stated, these are just three examples of blog post ideas for wills and powers of attorney businesses. If you need blog post ideas for your business, just ask.