Do you have holiday homes that you rent out? Maybe you have them on Airbnb? Perhaps they are more serviced accommodation for travellers and holiday makers? Maybe you have multiple homes, chalets, caravans or spaces that you rent out for those looking for a getaway? If you are looking to get more online traffic for people to book, then this is the blog post for you. In this blog post we share blog post ideas for holiday homes.

By using these blog post ideas for holiday homes, you can boost your SEO.  These blog post ideas for holiday homes will give you content for your website that Google will love. Links to them can then be shared in newsletters, local magazines and on social media. If you need help creating the content for these blog post ideas for holiday homes, then call our blog writers in Peterborough. We will be only too happy to help.

So, here are our blog post ideas for holiday homes.

  • Local Events

Are there any large local events coming up? Why not talk about the event and what people can expect from it. You can then include details about your accommodation. This should include how far it is from the event and how to get there. Include links to the event and share the blog with the event organisers too. They may promote the blog on your behalf as well.

  • Things To Do In …

Think about the location of your holiday home and what things there are to do in the local area. We would recommend that this is a series of blog posts. You could start with the seasons, such as easter themed events and festive activities for example. In addition, you could have things to do as a couple in the area, a family or with young kids. This will give people ideas of things to do near your accommodation. Not only will it attract people to the area, but those also staying with you might want to lengthen their stay.

  • Top Tips For Staying In …

Within this blog post you will talk about local places to visit, but also things to bring. For example, you could recommend wellington boots or a picnic blanket. This will give you a chance to promote what is in your accommodation too. Things like blankets, tea bags and free parking can all be huge plus points to those looking to stay in the area.

These are just three blog post ideas for holiday homes. If you’re like help brainstorming some more ideas, just drop us a line.