If you run your own coffee shop and are looking to boost its presence online, this is the blog post for you. Here at Creative Content Company we write blog posts and website content for businesses just like yours. We are also really good at coming up with blog post ideas for different businesses and industries. For example, in this blog we share examples of blog post ideas for coffee shops. 

By regularly updating your website with fresh content and blog posts, you will help boost your SEO. In turn, this means more people will come across your website and learn more about your business and hopefully visit your coffee shop.

So, let’s look at some blog post ideas for coffee shops. Remember, these are completely free of charge for you to use. However, if you like the ideas but don’t know how to write the blogs, or don’t have time – we can do it for you. Just speak to our team of bloggers in Peterborough to find out more.

  • The Different Types Of Coffees

Why not talk about the different types of coffees and what they are. Talk about how they are made and what they taste like. For example, you could talk about the difference between cappuccinos, lattes and espressos. From that you can talk about more differences and the popularity of them.

  • Seasonal Drinks

By writing blog posts about the perfect drinks for different seasons, you will be giving your audience a reason to pop in. This could be frozen drinks in the summer months, spiced drinks in the autumn and winter months, and so on. Having a blog post each season sharing the seasonal drinks recommendations gives you great, frequent content. This will keep your website fresh and updated.

  • Benefits Of Working From A Coffee Shop

If you’d like to attract people to work from your coffee shop each day, then why not create a blog post talking about the benefits of doing so. This could include your venue being the perfect meeting spot, the change of scenery for creative juices and so on. If you offer multiple plug sockets and free WiFi too, then make sure you include this as it will be a huge plus for your audience.

  • Sightseeing / Events Nearby

Look out for things to do nearby to your coffee shop or local events taking place. This will not only support the local business community and area. It will give people additional reasons to visit you too. For example, is there a bowling alley nearby, a cathedral or lake? If you offer takeaway drinks, make sure that you mention this too. Your audience could then grab a takeaway drink and visit the attraction or attend the event you mention.

If you run a coffee shop and would like some more blog post ideas for coffee shops, then give us a call. Our content writers in Peterborough can help you come up with more ideas, or write the blog posts for you.