Are you writing smart content for your website? If you’re currently wondering what ‘smart content’ means, then it is likely that you are not. That’s fine – you’re an expert in your business, industry and services or products that you provide.

There is no way you can be an expert in every part of business, and that’s why we create bog posts like this. To help business owners find out what they need to know, so they can move their business forward.

Here at Creative Content Company we work hard to help businesses increase their online presence. Helpful blog posts like this is just one way we do that.

So, what does it mean by writing smart content?

Writing smart content means that the content must be created with your ideal customer or target audience in mind.

Your smart website content should be helpful and informative, but also entertaining. People want to read something that engages with them.

If you want to create smart web content then you need to create it consistently. A blog post here and there, months apart, is not classed as smart content. You need to set a content schedule and stick to it.

It is essential that when creating smart web content it should be easy and quick to read by your audience. This can be done by making the content skimmable.

Smart content should be linked to other pages of smart content. This is known as ‘internal linking’. By linking one page of content to another you are increasing the customer journey so they learn more about you and your business, which will make a sale or purchase more likely.

Every piece of smart content that you create for your website must include a call to action. This is often at the end of the blog post for example. A call to action will tell the reader want you want them to do next. This could be to call you, fill in a form, read another blog or contact you via email.

Smart content, just like smart goals must be measurable and produce a return on investment. Whether you are investing your time or money, you must be able to prove that you have an increased return on your investment per blog post.

If you need help writing smart content for your website then contact us now. We can offer blog training sessions or write your smart content for you.