In this blog we have shared blogging stats of 2023 that we think you need to know. These will show you how popular blogging for business is in 2023. From these 2023 blogging stats you can then decide if your business should be blogging. This research was completed by DemandSage and these are the 2023 blogging stats that we think you should know, kindly researched by them.

The 2023 Blogging Stats You Need Know

  • There are over 600 million blogs on the internet, as of the start of this year.
  • Research shows that 54% of the Fortune Top 500 Companies have dedicated public blogs on their own websites.
  • Further research shows that a business with a dedicated blog on their website will generate 55% more traffic than a business without a dedicated blog on their website.
  • On average, bloggers are posting between 7million and 8 million blog posts every single day. As a side note, the team at Creative Content Company add around 50-60 of these blogs every month.
  • A 2023 blogging stat that is really important for you to note, especially when writing blog posts, is that 73% of readers of your blog posts will skim read your content. Meanwhile, only 23% will read the full blog post in its entirety.
  • WordPress is still one of the most popular blog platforms out there. The research by DemandSage shows that over 455 million websites are powered by WordPress.
  • The research also shows that 77% of internet users read blog posts online.

Key Take-Aways From 2023 Blogging Stats

How do these 2023 blogging stats make you feel about the blogging for your business? The key take-aways for us is that if you are looking to gain more traffic for your website, then you need to blog on your website. 

We also think that another key take-away is that you need to make sure your blog posts are skimmabe. You need to make sure that you break up the content in your blog posts. This can be done with bullet points or sub headings for example. By making your blog posts skimmable you’re avoiding deterring readers from your blog posts by having huge amounts of content that can be off-putting. Instead, you are laying out the content in a way that is easy to read and understand, for your reader.

If you need help creating blog posts for your business, call our team. Our team of bloggers in Peterborough can help you come up with great blog post ideas and create SEO friendly blog posts for your business.