I attended a networking event recently and there was an audible (and very visible) feeling of fear when attendees were told that posting on their business social media accounts around 5 times a day was the recommended amount. I can understand this fear, I have seen it myself when I have said similar to my clients and networking contacts!

This is why I have put together the following blog post which will hopefully make people realise that posting on social media 5 times a day is not as hard or scary as it sounds when it comes to careful social media management.

First Point: I use Hootsuite as a scheduling tool for my social media and this is how I get my 5 daily social media posts in.

POST ONE: I am lucky to have many testimonials, so I copy and paste a different testimonial into the schedule each day so each day one testimonial will be shared, with the happy client selling for me!

POST TWO: I schedule a post about what I am doing that day (for the rest of the month), this is never about the exact client, but instead something like “Today I am #Blogging for a HR Client in Cambridge” or “Lots of #SocialMediaPosts for my Packaging client in Peterborough to get done today” – this gives peoples an idea of what I do and the areas I work. Again, a gentle sell!

POST THREE: I go through my diary and schedule on Hootsuite which events I am going to, meetings I have and such like. I then share this on Hootsuite so people can see I am active and ‘real’ – but they may want to come too or find out more.

POST FOUR: I go through BrownieLocks (pop it in Google) and see what national days are coming up for the month ahead and how I can relate these to my business or clients. Sometimes I go for the National Ice Cream Day type so I can just engage with my audience.

POST FIVE: The last thing I do is go through Hootsuite and on every day that has less than 5 posts I do a link back to a blog on my website.

Before you know it you have 5 posts scheduled for every day and you can just add bits here and there when things come up that you want to share.

I really hope that helps – if anyone wants some social media training on Hootsuite then just shout; I am happy to offer 30minutes training (which it really all the time it will take) for just £50. Hootsuite is a brilliant way to schedule stuff for social media but looks really scary; however it is super easy to use!