So you’ve written a blog post, its 300-600 words long, you’ve proof read it and got a friend to read over it too, you’ve including a few keywords and sprinkled them through the article and you’ve uploaded it to your website but what now?

Too many business owners think that by just uploading a blog post to their website they’ve done their job, but sadly that’s not quite the case – well not the full case anyway!

Yes, regularly (once or twice a week as a minimum) uploading an engaging, unique and relevant blog post to your website will make Google happy and will help to improve the ranking of your website. Google will see your keywords have been used, Google will see an update to your website showing that you are active and Google will see another page on your website – but surely you want more than just that?

Firstly, get sharing your blog on social media and not just once. People may not have seen the first time you tweeted the link as Twitter moves so quickly, so try and share it again in the future. Keep on sharing it every now and again. As you get a larger ‘catalogue’ of blog posts on your website you will then have more to share and more for your fans and followers to see.

You can also look on Twitter for people asking questions about the topic of your blog post and share the link with them, they want to know something so by you sending them a link that answers that question you are showing yourself as a trusted friend and therefore someone they may buy from in the future or even recommend to others.

You can pop a link to your blog in your newsletter to encourage subscribers of your newsletter to have a look at your website where they can see more blog posts and when they are at your website they may be tempted to by something from you too!

Why not have links in your email signature that go to newest blog posts, so people can easily see your blog posts? If you are unsure how to achieve great blogging then why not take a snoop at this blog post, it will give you some great tips and pointers.

Can you think of any other things you can do after writing your blog post?