Many business owners set up a Twitter account and then they’re not sure what to do next so they leave it, some people are told to use Twitter and they set up a Twitter account and leave it, thinking that is what ‘use Twitter’ means. If you’re in this boat, or you have read our ‘Setting up a Twitter Account’ blog post then this is the article for you;

  1. Get following; follow people of interest to you. Twitter will present you with a list of ‘popular people’ that you can follow. They recommend you follow 5 and then they’ll give you another list that you can click 5. Otherwise you can just click ‘next’.
  2. You can then follow people that you know, to do this you need to allow Twitter to have access to your email contacts but you’ll be presented with a list of people you know that have Twitter and you can choose with to follow.
  3. Now it’s time to really personalise your Twitter account, upload a profile picture of you – the real you, by clicking on the empty photo space. A real photo will allow you to connect with your followers in ways you can’t with a logo.
  4. Now to do your bio – if you’re struggling to know what to write read our ‘Writing Your Twitter Bio’ blog post from the 29th July for some top tips.
  5. You can now expand your profile by uploading a header photo of your choice – this is where you could use your logo or company branding if you want to. You can also update your location and website address. Just click on the ‘edit’ button to do this.
  6. You will be asked to connect your Twitter and Facebook account together – do not do this as you will lose followers.
  7. Let’s get tweeting, write what you’re doing, where you’re going, ask questions and start using Twitter to build relationships

The more you tweet and the better the tweets you create the more followers you’ll gain and the better the relationships you’ll build. It’s important to remember to keep at it – don’t tweet for a few days and then give up – keep up the tweeting!