If you are looking for a simple social media system to help you achieve more for your business online then this is the blog post for you – it’s a simple 5 step social media system that could really help;

Step 1- Optimise your website with high quality, engaging and informative content that people want to read. Customise your social media to suit your business, your brand and the company voice and develop a content strategy so you know what your social media will be about each month.

Step 2 – Now it’s all about content, you need to create blog posts for your website on a regular basis. The business blog posts need to be friendly and engaging and about something people want to read. Don’t just blog for bloggings sake. Make sure you then share these blog posts on your social media as well as other peoples content that will be of interest to your audience.

Step 3 – You need to look at saving time when it comes to social media, so look at the social media platforms that are working best for your business and then find ways to automate the posts so your social media is active. We use Hootsuite, but there are other social media scheduling and social media automation tools out there.

Step 4 – Take the time to build up your fan base, make sure as well as the automated posts you are creating manual posts too, showing photos of where you have been, engaging with those that talk to you and talking about where you are and what you are doing.

Step 5 – Make sure you engage with your audience, you need to make sure that those that respond are engaged with so it doesn’t just feel like it is a robot account and that followers and fans are valued.

When you follow this simple 5 step system correctly you will notice a rise in traffic, sales, subscribers to your blogs and newsletters, more comments on your posts, more shares of your page, more link juice which helps with SEO and results in a better page rank and page authority so you will rank higher on search engines, like Google.