I always feel that praise should be given where it is due. In this blog post I would like to give a -shout out’ to Gagan. A business coach that contacted me through 1Networking. I was once told that I was too young to know you’re happy. It’s really stuck with me. Today Gagan changed my mind on this, and it means so, so much!

“You’re Too Young To Know You’re Happy & This Will Change When You Have Kids!” – that’s what I was told by a business coach. This is what has stuck with me ever since.

I have just had an incredible session with Gagan about my business, vision, goals and more. I have strongly avoided business coaches for the last 5-6 years. This guy has restored my faith in them, all of them!!!

I once attended a networking / presentation / coaching session with a local female business coach. We were asked, out of 10, how happy we were with our lives.

I said 9.5. I was met with shocked looks from around the room. There were sniggers and outright guffawing. How could I possibly be happy? I added that I was with a partner I loved and was very happy with, I loved my home, we had 3 holidays a year. My business allowed me to spend time people I enjoyed spending time with. I loved the clients I worked with/ The money I earnt, I enjoyed too.

There was still confused faces and the business coach said “I know what the problem here is. You’re too young to know that you are happy. This will all change when you have kids!”

My bug bear about this statement has always been the kids’ part – how dare someone tell me that I need to have kids to be happy? What if I couldn’t have kids or didn’t want children. Which is the case, I have 2 step kids, I don’t want children of my own.

However, today when I saw with Gagan and discussed my business and goals, I was once again asked if I was happy. I shyly responded that I was actually really happy with my business and personal life.

Gagan replied that this was great. He spent time telling me it’s okay to be happy with where you are at. It was so nice to be reassured of this. I didn’t realise how damaging that coach had been to me – but now I feel – fixed.

If you’re looking for a coach that keeps it real, I cannot recommend Gagan enough. I finished the session with a weight lifted from my shoulders and a spring in my step.

I am happy – and that’s okay!