We are always talking about the importance of businesses being on social media for your business, having an up to date website that is regularly refreshed with new content and why your business should be online and active, but we recently came across even more statistics that show the importance of your business being online and active and we just had to share these statistics and figures with you.

The population for this survey and research was recorded at 7.357 billion; out of this 3.175 billion people are active and regular internet users. This potentially means that if you do not have a website for your business you are missing out on these customers, but of course not all of these people will need your business, product or service.

2.206 billion Of these people are active social media users; which again, in theory means, that if you do not have an active business social media presence you could be missing out on these customers. While you wouldn’t want all of the 2.206 billion people as your customers, it would be nice to have a few of them wouldn’t it?

The research showed that out of the population of 7.357 billion people, 3.374 billion are active mobile users – once again showing the importance of having a mobile friendly website for your target audience to view and use from their mobile devices.

Finally, the research showed that 1.925 billion people of the 7.357 billion people in the population are regular users of social media through their mobile devices so if you are linking back to your website and articles from your business social media presence then these need to be mobile friendly places that you are taking the followers too or they will struggle viewing or reading the link you have taken them too.

Online marketing, digital marketing and being active online are all really important to a business, especially in this day and age when the world really is becoming more and more digital.

If you feel that your business is falling behind in this digital world and you need some help, or just someone to talk to so you can ask questions, advice or bounce ideas off then please contact us directly; we would be happy to help your business achieve more online.